• My Fianc? and I just adopted our first puppy together in our new house. I have 0 experience with puppies and she has limited experience as well. The puppy that we adopted is a 2.5 month old Basenji mix which we named Maia who was rescued from a shelter in Louisiana where they had too many puppies and they were putting them down. Its called the Second Chance Wagon here in Michigan and the Capital Area Humane society are the ones who run it. I always rescue pets I don't think we will ever go to a breeder with so many unfortunate animals out there without a home. We rescued 3 cats from there and have had no problems with the shelter. As I said before our Basenji is 2 months old and I basically joined this forum for advice and for support since I have never had a puppy before. So thank you in advance for the help!

    Name Change!! "Maya" lol

  • Hello and welcome to the forum. Brilliant that you have rescued 3 Cats and your Pup.
    If she does have some Basenji in her you are in for an interesting fun time as they are not the easiest breed. It would be lovely to see a picture of Lola and you 3 Cats.
    You will find lots of info and support on here, have a search through the threads that interest you and ask away if you have specific enquires, perhaps in a seperate thread.
    You could also join puppy training classes that do reward based training as this will give you support as well.

  • Welcome!:)

    Socialization and positive puppy kindergarten classes are a must for any puppy:)


  • Congratulations on your new puppy! If Lola is Basenji, or part Basenji, you are in for an interesting ride! They are smart, clean, wonderfully funny dogs, and quite a handful, especially for someone not aware of the breed. Go online and read up on them, then as suggested by Shelley, read through the many threads here on the Forum. There are lots of very helpful people here, and no matter what your questions we will be happy to help you out. Pictures, of course, are treasures and we love to see them, so if you can upload a picture of Lola, please do! Welcome to the forum.

  • Great to have you here with us, and kudos to you for taking in so many unwanted souls. That is a beautiful thing. 🙂

  • Houston

    Welcome and kuddos to your fiance and yourself for adopting these little guys.
    We would all love to see pictures of your new little gal, Lola..
    As far as a new puppy owner..just skim through threads on here, take a puppy class and ask ask ask away, we will answer any questions you might have…congratulations, you are in for a very fun ride. :):D

  • Welcome to the Forum. Is she a purebred Basenji? Did the shelter know anything about her? If a purebred, you will want to do the DNA Test for Fanconi. You can learn about Basenji health concerns at www.basenjihealth.org and the DNA test that is a cheek swab that you do yourself.

    Remember too.. a tired Basenji is a good Basenji

  • She is not pure but when I get some pictures up I would like some help figuring out what else she could be to help with training. But they don't know much since her records were lost in the travel from Louisiana. 😞

  • Welcome to the forum and to your baby. I applaud your good work in taking in rescue animals.

  • I welcome you also. Puppies are so adorable. Just remember a quiet Basenji is not necessarily a good thing. After all these years I still forget that one.

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