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I welcome you also. Puppies are so adorable. Just remember a quiet Basenji is not necessarily a good thing. After all these years I still forget that one.

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Welcome Sharon and Ben. Our Gracie who is a BRAT loves "her" cat, Kamicko. They love the "I chase you, you chase me game". After a good romp they will curl up together for a much deserved nap.

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Just wondered how things are going with your training? My Gracie has always had a bit of seperation anxiety. It is the real deal, not just "Don't need no stinking crate". Here is our situation:

Gracie is a rescue that we have had three years. Just amazing girl. We were a family of three, my Dad lived with us and was always home with her or he went with us on errands so Gracie could come. She started getting upset when one of us would get out of the car and whine and cry till we came back. If left alone she chewed and destroyed. She did ok in the crate but then got destructive with anything we put in with her. She would not eat the treat or chew what we put in for her.

Gracie and Grandpa were really close. He gave into her every whim. My Dad passed on December 4th. Gracie was with him as were all of us when he passed. She had very sad time but I believe she knew as all animals do when life ends.

So now, to the situation. We live at the coast in the country, woods to be exact. I have a part time job and husband is gone 4 days a week. Which means Gracie must be alone for periods of time. We have a huge wire crate. Yes you guessed it. She met us at the door twice. Only after destroying her bed, towels etc in the crate and chewing our rubber boot tops at the door. So far she has not hurt herself other than sore feet that I can tell. I do not have the option of a neighbor coming in or a dog sitter. Too far out. What we really need to do is help her learn that we will come back and she can be calm while we are gone. I just don't know the first step, or second for that matter. For the love of the b thanks for listening.

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Thanks to all for the welcome. Sharron, I met you throught BRAT. Gracie is a rescue from CA. You facilitated our meeting with Linda. Not a day goes by that we don't marvel at Gracie. Thank you again for all you do for our beloved friends.

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Hearing our girl talk for the first time was so amazing. I understand your excitement! Gracie is a talker now but didn't start out that way. It still feels so very special to hear her voice when she thinks I deserve it.

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Hi, I am new to the forum. My husband I currently live with a 6 year old b/w girl named Gracie. We adopted her 3 years ago after our first, Janie, died at age 15. We didn't know that a Besenji would mind until Gracie. Speaks volumes to us being parents of our first girl that we got as a puppy.:p Gracie lovers her two goats and 6 chickens. She owns her own cat, Kamicko. I am looking forward to hearing from others.

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