New to site but sure not to Basenji's

I think the first one was back in '79'. Had four of them since, all basically rescue dogs. Each one different from the other. Free range the house and got a 1 1/2 acre fenced yard to play and chase things in. One was blind in one since birth and I was the third owner, had him for another ten years. Had to put my last one down last fall. She had come down with SARD shortly after I got her but within just a short time had no problem getting around the house or yard. Got to dig up some pictures, someone here might just reconize Nicole in the aviator.

Welcome to he forums, sorry for your loss. What part of wisconsin are you from. we're from the madison area.

Well, Having any pet you hope to out live them and thru the years, have to learn to deal with putting them down.
I'm up here in Stevens Point but family and friends all live in Rockford so I come down that way a lot. Got all my dogs from that Wanda, she knew I knew I knew how to take care of them.

Welcome, glad you found us.

Thanks from all of you for the really nice warm welcome. Really looking forward for my next "Critter". Got a lot of fence to mend before the next one or two.


Dave, welcome onboard. Sounds like you've had a life full of basenji love and mischief..glad to have you here with us.

Welcome! đŸ™‚

Welcome to the forum Dave!

Welcome come join the fun with all of us.

Rita Jean

hi Dave, a big welcome to you.

Hi and welcome. Hint hint… Brat has some wonderful young adults from the Wimauma pack
available. Note they just placed 3 (Mosi, Fana, and Dina) this week.

Welcome to the forum, Dave - gotta get more basenjis - you know you want to. đŸ™‚

Tell me about it! Deb down south gave me the link to BRAT but I've had that bookmarked for a couple of months. In their application they mentioned the fencing, bell went off in my old tired head. Fence needs a lot of work, last dog was blind and I could have taken fence down and never had a problem. With a new courious, rambunctious one, just got to mend some fence first. Still got over a foot of that white stuff.

Welcome at the forum!

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