• Does anyone have a Basenji that swims? I have seen a few photos around where there are a few partially in the water, but I have not seen images of Basenjis actually swimming.

    While I understand that its their nature not to like water, I am wondering if I start at a very early age with my young Basenji if I can get him comfortable in water?

  • I've seen a video on YouTube of a Basenji swimming and a few pictures as well. There are members in the forum who have been successful in getting their B to like water. Unfortunately mine cringe at the pure site of it 😞

  • I know a woman with a basenji that surfs. He was on her Christmas cards one year. He really enjoys it and always has. Her other basenjis though don't really care to go in the water.

    I would never really count on a basenji to like water or swimming. My girl Rio looks at all the dogs who go for a swim in the levee like they are crazy and then stays away from them until they are dried off.

  • My Jamari would chase beach balls into the ocean… never really swam... but he had no fear of the water.... but like lvoss said.. I would not count on it...

  • I went on a friends boat w/ Tayda once… I put her in the water and she swam no problem. She didn't love it, but she swam!

  • 2 of my 3 will go into the water quite willingly if they are hot. They will walk out and lie down in it, or play chase in and out of the water with other dogs. No swimming at all! I had a good friend whose basenji would swim out at the dog beach like a lab, way out, then swim back,over and over. I have seen a couple that were not bothered by water, but most prefer to stay dry, like my Eddie.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Magnum swims…right to shore! LOL!

  • Our dog used to go into the water on vacation, sometimes going under (jumping in) and he would get ear infections, so we stopped encouraging his water habits.

    He also like to go Kayaking!

  • One of ours, Bella, will wade in a kiddie pool if it is REALLY hot. She also enjoys chasing water from the hose, etc. But she WAS raised with a black lab puppy as a tiny baby, maybe some of that rubbed off.

    I have never tried/asked her to actually swim…I don't know if she would like that.

    But I have definitely seen photos of Basenjis happily swimming, and (kind of) retrieving, and boating, and wading. So it IS possible...but I think it is a combination of luck having the rare Basenji that enjoys it, and a lot of opportunity to have postive water experiences (i.e. you live somewhere that it is warm enough that the dog likes to use the water to cool off)

  • We took Jack to the lake with us on vacation when he was about 6 months (I told this story on another thread-sorry for repeating) and he almost immediately jumped in. Just as immediately, he decided he didn't like it and swam back to shore. A couple of days later, while my husband and I were swimming, we picked him up and took him in with us….you know, talking softly, lots of praise. Jack knew better. As soon as we let him go in the water, he swam right back to shore.

  • I had a basenji that swam. For 4 years, she avoided water. Then one day, she started swimming. She would toss sticks off the bridge, then race down to the beach and swim way out in the water to fetch them. She loved doing that.

  • Our test is over.

    Well the Jury is in, and our 13 week old Basenji Roo Swims just fine. Today we took him to the lake and I took him in the water with me. We did this 5 or 6 times. I was right there along side him to make sure he was ok. We plan to continue to expose him to the water and swimming. We believe with enough exposure, Roo will come to love the water and possibly be able to come on the sail boat with us.

  • Lexi will swim- she has so issues with water– especially if you're in it! She'll swim to where you are- and then do circles around you until you pick her up.

    Miles… um, he HATES it!

  • Cinnabuns my senior B will avoid water to the point of absurdity.. while my baby Lycia - if given incentive (.. that being large birds in the water) dives right in, no holds bar.. She however wouldn't even THINK of going outside to pee it's raining… crazy dogs. 😉

  • Jack swims just fine, and has been around the water since a very young pup. He hates it though, all the same. In fact, the entire time I am swimming….or even taking a shower.....he watches me like I could drown at any moment.

  • My little boy was a born lover of water, but not bathing. Unfortunately he sinks like a rock, lol. Boy has to much muscle and tinny feet. Sinks like a stone. You can see him using a life vest on youtube. Just look up Brody the Basenji on youtube. He comes up with his own games and cases leaves floating on the water. If he sees something interesting within elbow depth of the water surface he will stick his face under water to get it and blow bubbles to keep water out of his nose.

  • Yes, there are B's that swim. There is one that Dock Dives and has done very well, and one of my pups that I replaced close to me, goes to the beach regularily and swims with their ChowX.

  • Our B has to go swimming very other day

  • I had one that as soon as she saw water whether a pool or a river she would dive straight in. She did this naturally. Some of mine don't mind water but I don't think they'd swim.

    Some years ago I was walking mine in the woods and was passing a pool covered in green algae. Adonis obviously thought at first it was grass! He ran over it for several yards (walking on water) then suddenly realised what it was and sunk!! He then swum back to us. He never showed an inclination to swim after that. I think all animals are able to swim if necessary but not from choice.

  • My B girl, Bandit, LOVES the river. She's never "swam" but will go in past her belly. I think she is part lab because she will put her WHOLE HEAD underwater to pick up a rock or a stick and come up snorting. She is over 9 and this never ceases to CRACK ME UP!!!! But, I take her to the Cedar River just about every weekend, rain or shine, since she was 9 weeks old. She will run back and forth in the water, chasing whatever I throw for her. My BRAT boy, Hunter, looks on MORTIFIED. God forbid he get his piggy-toes wet!!! Bandit is the biggest Ragamuffin (just like me!!!!).

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