• Hi, I have two Basenji's, my girl is now 10 years old and her name is Mandi, I adopted her from one of the Basenji rescue's around 6 years ago. My other Basenji is a "boy", his name is Rickie and is now 3 years old. I also adopted him. He was a pistol at first, always wanting to attack and growl, but with love and consistent assurance he has come around. I have a concern for Rickie, about 8 months ago he started loosing his hair, around the neck, along the sides of his body, his stomach and at the back of his flanks. He does not itch. I have him on a "no grain" dry food with organic ground beef (cooked). I also have him on Calif. Naturals, which is a supplement with the "good oils" and stuff and also a supplement called Solid Gold Seameal, both of which were recommended by the rescue. Nothing has helped! I had him tested this week for Hypothroidism by asking the Vet to take a T4 test called the FT4 by equilibrium dialysis. This came out NORMAL! Rickie is still a little grouchy and gets cold easily. One more thing, the skin under the hair is now very dark. Does anyone know what this could be or what caused it? Better yet, what shall I do now?😕😕

  • First, he needs a full thyroid panel, not just T4. The T4 can be normal but other parts of the panel can be abnormal and require medication. And…send results to Dr. Jean Dodds, she is an expert and will interpret the results and help you understand what the numbers mean...free!

    It could be something else, but with the combo of grouchiness and hair loss, thyroid is the place to start looking for an answer.

    Good luck!

  • I agree, full thyoid test is needed to know what the thyriod is…. and if it really is normal, I would suggest a specialtist in dermotology

  • Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about Rickies problem, can't offer any advice but hope you get him sorted soon.
    How about some pics of Mandi and Rickie ?

  • Welcome I second thunderbird8588 post. Take care.

    Rita Jean

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