• Hi! (: and Happy Thanksgiving!

    I just joined the Basenji Forums and wanted to give everybody some information about myself. My name is Marcus Giordano. I'm 22 years old. I've owned two Basenjis, the youngest named Tilley and the oldest named Joker. Tilley was a female and died when she was only 6 from kidney complications. Joker was a male and died last October at the age of 15. I have so many fond memories of both the dogs. It was always a blast when the two were together. They would sleep with me, play and fight with each other, and it was amazing. They both taught me many, many things and I will always remember them for that and thank God for them. I am currently trying to persuade my mom to purchase another Basenji, as it has been over a year since Joker passed and everyone in the family is a little lonely. The Basenji truly is the King of Kings, the best breed. Well, hope to talk with you all soon, and learn some more information about this spectacular dog! Bye now.

  • Welcome to the Forum, Markus. I hope you'll have another Basenji soon.

  • Welcome… I am guessing that your girl was lost to Fanconi? And if that is the case, when you get your next Basenji there is a DNA test for the Fanconi Gene as of September of this year.

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