My Basenjis

There's been a basenji around ever since I can remember. Lady was the first one – she was the same age I was but she died when she was 3. I still remember her, she was playfull and gangly. She got hit by a car, she escaped and got hit by a car on a country road that had about six cars on it a day. Bad timing. A bit later we got Amber, she was the dog I grew up with. Amber was wicked smart, she figured out a lot of stuff dogs wouldn't normally figure out. She died when she was 16. Now I have Nikky. She's 12 now but she's still pretty lively. She's really allergic to wheat so we have to be very careful about what she eats -- and she gets lots of long walks (she loves exploring and checking her pee mail) but she's still a bit pudgy. The vet says she's in pretty good health though.... I'll put pictures of her up if everyone promises not to make fun of her! -- when she was younger she could have kicked all of your taught little basenji's asses! Oh yeah -- and Nikky gets along with most dogs -- as long as they are not little white dogs -- I tried to tell her she was being a racist, but she didn't understand.

Yeah my B's hate Boxers. I have tried to tell them they Boxers are just doggies too, went through one ear and out the other. Much like the other things I have tried to teach my B's. Welcome to the forum and yes we all love pictures and would love to see some of her!

Glad you found the forum.

Welcome to both of you… and oh yes, pictures please!

Welcome to you and Nicky. We look forward to pictures and of course we won't laugh. We know how easy it is for Basenjis to get pudgy!.

I think every B is a bit racist towards some kinda dog. Anubis has a HATRED for Huskies for some reason…lol. Welcome to the forum! You MUST post pics 🙂

Welcome, my Nicky is a little pudgy too, and at 14 is as spry as she needs to be!

As mine age I try to keep a bit of weight on them because I know they may reach a stage when they just don't keep weight as the organs weaken.

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