• Hi, my name is Donna. I rescued a basenji mix from BRAT back in 2003. She was a beautiful animal and my son who was 8 at the time loved her so much because she was so energetic and could play with him for hours at a time. I would just let them wear each other out. In 2007, she sadly left us succumbing to her cancer. After her death just before Hurricane Ike in Houston, TX, I didn't want another dog for a while. I was distraught. My husband (at the time) rescued a pit/lab mix from the shelter for our 2 year old. I know, maybe not the best choice, but when can you really talk any sense to men...haha j/k...She was actually a great dog for him. Ended up being a "nanny" to him. She never once hurt him, snipped at him, or even growled at him. And he wasn't easy on her at all. Long story short, I'm back to living alone again and I want another basenji. I went to the dog park about 3 months ago and ran into a photographer who likes to take pictures of the dogs at the park and she had a beautiful basenji by her side! I almost cried! So, I went back to BRAT for another adoption. This time, it appears that they aren't as organized as they were back when. So, I wanted to try the forums and see what I might can do to get another wonderful basenji (or a pair if they are inseparable) of older basenjis. I'm getting older and I love the breed so much, but I don't think I can handle the puppies...Anyway, thanks for reading. I look forward to meeting people in my area and around the nation that share the same love for the breed that I do.


  • Not sure what you mean by "not as organized"?

  • I've been in contact with them. Been passed around to a few different people and yet to have been contacted by the State Rep that I was told would happen via email about 2 months ago. I've sent a few requests for certain dogs, but I've not been lucky yet.

  • Breeders in your area are a good start and keep trying with BRAT. Remember they are volunteers and lead other lives.
    Go to Dog Shows and keep trying.

  • Okay first, we have some great basenji rescues in Texas thanks to BRAT and to Pam Hamilton with Camp Basenji.

    I am quite dismayed about them not responding. That truly is not like them! If I were you, I'd contact them and just ask what is up. I will contact someone and alert to this thread. Hopefully you can find out what is up.

    How old is your child now? It seems the older one is grown, but I think you indicated you had a 2 yr old child around 2007 or 2008? It could be the ones in your area are not good with kids. But looking at their page... they have very few listed... so it just simply may be that right now, not many available. However, ASK.

    The other option is Camp Basenji. Since she has experienced homes with placements there, an adoption from her Florida rescue might be arranged.

  • Please contact the BRAT Admin staff at http://www.basenjirescue.org/asp/contactus.asp . Debbi J.

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