• Greetings All,
    My gorgeous Anna passed away earlier in the year - she was a month away from turning 16 years old and her black & white coat had developed significant 'silver' throughout. Anna outlived Gorby (red & white) by seven years.

    Gorby & Anna were my first Basenjis - and through them I have come to be besotted by the breed. I just needed a little space between Anna's passing and the next period of puppy craziness.

    I am planning to bring a basenji puppy (or preferably 2) home after the next breeding period in Australia (around June/July) and have made contact with the Basenji club in WA to let them know I'm keen (getting to desperate:D ).

    In the meantime, I thought I would alleviate the Basenji-longing by joinging this forum and reading about other people's yodelling companions.

    Looking forward to learning more about you all.


  • Sorry for the loss of Anna and welcome to this forum!

  • Hi Seko,

    I visited your web page and the wonderful photos of your 4 basenjis. I espcially liked the one sleeping in the car (a good sun spot no doubt).

    I live in a relatively hot climate, which Basenjis love, and have always wondered how they manage in countries where it snows every winter. Yours seem to be having enormous fun in the snow! Mine would start shivering if the temperature was below 15 degrees celsius - do you have to keep them rugged up?


  • Welcome to the forum Sian,
    Sorry about your loss. When a dog gets that old and they've been around for so long it is especially hard. I still have a tendency to call my new dog, Shelby by the wrong name because Meghan, my old retriever was always there until 3 years ago when she passed away at 14. It took me some time before I could do it again.

    I have a rather crazy question. Where in Peth do you live. My husband and I lived in Subiaco until August when we moved back to the states. I really miss Perth, especially right now. I so wish I could take Shelby to the doggy beach at Trigg. I'm not sure she would go in the water but she would like the sand. And I seriously miss the fish and chips near Floreat.

    If you have any old pictures of your Anna, I would love to see them. I don't think I've ever seen an old basenji yet and am a little curious how they age. Good luck with getting a puppy too.


  • Welcome aboard Siam, hope you enjoy the forum…....we just love pics!;)

  • Welcome Siam

    I'm very sorry for your loss of Gorby & Anna. I know that this is an inevitable part of owning a precious dog but I dread the day that it will come. I'm very glad you have decided to get another pup. Let us know when your companion arrives 🙂

  • I too lost a basenji less than a month away from his 16th birthday. I wasn't able to wait as long as you have been though, heh… I admire your will power 🙂 I adopted Mali little less than two months after Bandit died... my life was just incomplete without him there.

    Glad you joined the forum! Can't wait to see pictures when you get your puppy!


  • I'm sorry for the loss of your dear Basenjis. Losing a pet is so difficult. I hope this site helps you through the transition. Welcome.

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