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That was amazing…he was a gorgeous boy. I'm watching the breed selection video now and all those dogs are beautiful! Of all the B's in the breed video, number 9 (little girl) a tri beauty who stopped to scratch an itch during judging, number 16 (little girl) a black and white, and number 18 (little boy) a red and white are my favorites.They were all beautiful, but those really stuck in my mind. What I found so amusing is that number 9 the one that scratched her itch was the best of breed for our little angels. She did a wonderful job and showed beautifully. She was a great representative of this breed!

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Robyn, I'm so sorry about Logan. I know how difficult it must be. Hugs and prayers from us here in South Georgia. I'm sure Logan was comforted in having you there with him in the end.

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Hey guys, Just wanted to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanza to everyone. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoys their time with their family.

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Thank you guys so much, it has been a rough day at our house. I'm sitting getting ready for bed and keep thinking i should be calling her in for bed. I thank God for all the people around me today that have helped ease my pain and keep me company and for you guys. I want a full blooded 'senji, but i'm definitely not ready just yet to start looking. My boyfriend had a rough night at work and that has just made tonight worse. Once again thank you all for you support and care.

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My sweet baby girl was hit by a truck this morning. She had gone out to potty and had rarely gone to the road and for some reason this morning she did. The truck was pulling a trailer and the trailer is what hit her. The lady driving the truck stopped and came to the door and told us. I was with my sweet baby in her last minutes, but she was blinded by the trauma to her head when I got there. She died in my arms with her mommy and daddy at her side. She will be sorely missed and in our hearts forever.

Go run in peace my sweet Scarlett. I will see you again one day!

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Scarlett gets about 10 baths a year. Most of those are once a month from March to October…what can i say the deep south only as two seasons and the other 2 are around the holidays, before long trips. The summer baths are in a wash tub in the yard with watering can and hose...she loves these because she watches the other dogs get one first. The winter baths are a bit rougher, the bathroom is horrible after those. But luckily these only happen twice one before driving to my parents house and one before coming home. Definitely don't want to be stuck in a small space with a smelly dog for long trips!

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Congrats…your new baby and my boyfriend share a birthday! We would all love to see some pictures.

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The end of september is good for me. As long as it is definitely a weekend…Class and work would interfer otherwise. Yeah Tybee is definitely the place to go. Just keep me informed...

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About a month ago, Cali, the calico, that we had managed to get out of the house. She had done this before and always came back, but not this time. Scarlett and I were out on our daily walk and found Cali on the side of the road. She had been hit and the buzzards had begun to feast. I fell to the ground crying and Scarlett went over and laid down beside her. Scarlett had this look in her eyes like she was crying inside. She began to dig beside the body and i had to stop her because we were in the edge of the grass on a somewhat busy road that we live on. I took her home and went back to bury Cali alone. When I arrived home Scarlett had pulled Cali's blanket off the dresser and had curled up on it and gave me that same, "i'm crying for her and miss her" look she gave me earlier. We both sat on the couch and Scarlett would nuzzle me and lick me face every now and then as her way of comforting me. She pulled that blanket around the house for a week afterwards and finally left it in her crate and she still sleeps with that blanket. I tried to take it from her and she got mean with me. I guess she really wanted that blanket.

Cali blessed us with her presence from the 27th of April 2005 until the 16th of July 2008. She had a twin sister that left this Earth the 15th of May 2007 due to feline infectious peritinitis. They were both near and dear to us all.

We love you Cali and Shelby and miss you both…
Love Mommy, Daddy, Scarlett, and Chloe.

Cali's picture is attached.


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Scarlett's first t.v experience was with Milo and Otis. She and both of the cats were enthralled by that movie. None of them moved while it was on. At one point Cali was on the t.v. and pawing like she was trying to get to the animals and Scarlett was watching her like she was nuts. I haven't really seen her pay much attention to the tv these days, but the minute i turn on the XBOX to play something she just sits and follows what ever is moving on the screen. During Halo games she will sit in front of the screen and follow the character movement with her head…she helps give the bottom screen a hard time by blocking part of their screen. LOL

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