We love our Basenji!

Hello everyone. We have recently aquired a new member to our family, Geti. He is 1 year and 5mos and has completely changed our world. I am so excited to have found this forum. We are first time Basenji owners, we have no other dogs, so Geti is the prince of this household. I hope to upload some more pics soon and share stories with y'all. 🙂

congrats and welcome… you will have some fun stories to share I am sure

welcome. I look forward to some pictures.

Welcome and yes you have found a treasure in this forum.

Welcome and congrats on the new pup. This is a great place to share, learn and just plain have fun if you love Bs (or dogs for that matter)! Looking forward to the pictures…

Can't wait to see the new puppy! Welcome to the forum.

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