Introduction - Tony Love (UK London) Basenji Puppy New Home & Owner :)

  • Hi All My name is Tony from London & just wanted to introduce myself 🙂 I have been thinking for some time about welcoming a Basenji puppy into my life “Totally in Love” I’ve missed this years breeding season but I’m hoping that next year I will be fully prepared for the commitment & what I hope to be the start of a new adventure! Would be interested in connecting with any suitable breeders in the UK. Not only for purchasing needs but also to support me within the early stages of becoming a Basenji owner. I’ve met a few so far but nothing concrete yet. I’m planning on taking on a female puppy which I could train etc....!

    Anyways it’s still early days....Hope everyone okay & stay sanitized. Happy to receive email - [removed private email] - Cheers x

  • Hi Tony & welcome

  • Email me privately, Tony. Addresses are in the websites on the signature block. There are hundreds of people chasing few litters this winter but I am sure I can put you in touch with someone appropriate to your requirements. You may have to wait till people with litters have finished the arduous task of bringing up a litter and kissed goodbye to the little darlings. At least one breeder I know is making dates for late March to start the ball rolling towards end of 2021.

  • Welcome! We are next door in Kent with a 6 month old called Ellie. I think there are a few Basenjis in London.0_1607705164699_IMG_20201202_074801~2.jpg

  • Welcome Tony! I am owned by an almost 10 years old Black and White Basenji named Binti. She is my heart. I can't wait for you to get your own...I hope you have a GOOD sense of humor...that helps when you have a Basenji!!!0_1607984468526_BINTI and BUNNY.jpg

  • @nancyss
    Nancy - your BINTI is just so ADORABLE! I’m in love 🥰! ❤🐾

  • @jkent
    Ellie is just so incredibly PHOTOGENIC! Again - as I said “a basenji super model”!

  • @jkent

    She is lovely....Your so very lucky! Hope my turn comes around soon!! Do let me know if your hear of any breeders looking for new owners 🙂 I would be interested in a female puppy as young as possible!

    Email -[removed private email address]
    Tony Love x

  • @nancyss

    I have a great sense of humour! But like everything it’s all about personal connections x

    Send my love to Binta x

  • @jkent

    Could you put me in touch with the breeder of Ellie ?

    Tony Love x

  • @tony-love unfortunately the breeder is in Middlesbrough, so not in the South East and I'm not sure if he'll be breeding again. He owns both parents and wasn't planning this litter but failed to keep them apart!

  • @tony-love said in Introduction - Tony Love (UK London) Basenji Puppy New Home & Owner 🙂:

    I would be interested in a female puppy as young as possible!

    You have also said 'as soon after birth as possible' in a message.

    No responsible breeder will let a puppy go under 9 weeks, many keep them longer. A very few do let them go at 8 weeks but only to a very experienced Basenji owner.

    Puppies need to start learning life-skills at mother's knee, as it were. And together with their siblings they learn a great deal. I can't think you would deny your puppy this excellent start in life ?

    Maybe you could clarify ?

  • Just to clarify & avoid any misunderstandings - When I mentioned that I would like a Basenji Puppy “As young as possible” What I meant was that I would like a puppy that is ideally not more than 3-6 months old & has been heavily influenced by the owner or breeder. This I find quite important base on my past experience of owning a dog where other influences away from the puppies mother can sometimes be difficult to re adjust when coming to a new home & environment.

    Still early days at the moment! but I’m so enjoying learning about this breed & understanding other Basenji owners experiences & adventures.....

    Tony Love x

  • @jkent

    Hi Again,

    I would be happy to travel anywhere in the UK in order to find the right match so distant not too much of an issue...!

    Tony Love x

  • @tony-love I very much doubt if travelling at the moment will help you.

    If you are prepared to be patient and get onto a list for winter 2021-2022 you will be more likely to find a puppy.

    Breeders of litters on the ground in the past couple of weeks are trying to 'ration' puppies to people who have been on their lists longest while starting next year's lists even before they decide who to mate to which stud.

  • I have no intention of getting a puppy immediately, only if that opportunity arises I would be interest in being contacted. Next years would be more suitable given the year we’ve had!

    Just introducing my interest & happy to hear from any breeders or being included on waiting lists etc.

    Keep me in the loop....

    Tony Love x

  • @tony-love I have NO doubt that you will make that personal connection....Basenjis have a way of stealing your heart VERY QUICKLY. I am sure the other Basenji slaves will agree!!!!

  • @tony-love - Good luck in your search and a high five for doing all this the right way!

  • Looking for a pupster in the uk. Please help

  • Judging from what being said. I would say things are on hold until next year! But Good Luck All The Same x

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