Hello to all you fellow Basenji lovers!

  • Hello everyone!!

    Just wanted to say howdy and good Sunday Morning! Just found this site and looks pretty good.

    I currently have 1 Basenji, his name is Khafra and 1 Shiba Inu, his name is Nemo. They're both 2 years old. I'll be getting another Basenji on the 17th of Feb and am really lookin forward to havin a little girl in the house!! Hope my boys appreciate it!!

    I live in Seattle, WA and take my boys to the Magnuson dog park almost every weekend. I'm usually there VERY early in the morning, just to escape the crowds and let the boys play. Hope to see fellow NW Basenji lovers there some time.



  • Welcome! I new here too

  • Welcome Doug! Who bred your basenjis?

  • I got Khafra from Dana McDonald of Fataki Basenji in Port Orchard, WA and I'm getting the little girl from Connie Paulsen of Khanis Basenji's in Portland.

  • Hello Doug & your dogs!

    We are from Portland, Oregon, though we got our red & white girl from Battle Ground, WA. The family visited our breeder friends there this afternoon so that Rou could admire her sister's new litter of eight adorable pups. Rou was more interested in chasing her younger brother Stevie. As with you, it looks like our famliy might expand by one basenji. If the trial period works out to everyone's benefit, we'll be adopting Stevie in a few weeks. It is a little nerve-wracking to add a new member to a happy family unit but we are ready to share the love!

    Best of luck with your newest addition,

  • hi doug! i am amber and i am mom to b-fender aka platinums fremont desert storm. i am in silverdale, wa. my fender is 7 months old and starts his show career in march. are you into showing? welcome 🙂

  • welcome to the site. i take my kids to the dog park every sun as well, and they love it….congrats on your newest addition

  • Welcome! It sounds like you'll fit right in with all of those pups…looking forward to seeing pictures of your "family"!

  • Welcome, that's quite a pair you have…..very nice. Enjoy the forum, it's a great resource and fun too!

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