• Hello to all Basenjii Forum Members.
    My name is Boris, and I live in Kirkland,WA.
    I don't have a dog yet, but thinking about to have one.
    Well, my best friend Steve in Toronto recently lost his 11 years old Basenji dog. Kovu, his name passed away because of a cancer. Steve wrote a poem for his dog, and I would like to share the poem with you. Here's a poem. I would like to know better about Basenjii dogs and hopefully to find a friend Basenji for my self. I would greatly appreciate if the Forum will share with me information about Basenjii dogs. Thank you in advance. Boris


    He came into my Life, So young and so Free
    This Bundle of Joy, My brand New Puppy

    Exotic his Breed, A Basenji was he
    Brindle in colour, and Smart as can be

    He ran like a Gazelle, so light on his feet
    The Joy in his Posture, his Company a Treat

    As all dogs, so loving, near me he would stay
    From home to the office, and back home each day

    At night at the base of the bed he would lie
    His small body next to me, sometimes he would sigh

    It's hard to think, as time with pets we spend
    That inevitably before us, their life will end

    My sweet little Kovu, now his time past
    Will live in my Heart, as long as I Last

    People will say, he's a dog, why care
    It's the Love he gave me, That's what we share

    I hope there's a world, where he can run free
    And maybe at night, come sleep with me

    So my Beautiful Dog, I Bid Farewell to You
    You will Live in my Heart, My Dearest Kovu

    Steve P 2010

  • Please pass the tissues. What a lovely poem for what sounds like a very wonderful dog. Thank God we are blessed with such wonderful companions. They never ask a thing and give to us wholeheartedly.

    Thank you for sharing that, Boris. And welcome to this forum. You'll find it to be incredibly helpful. I'm going to be purchasing a basenji in the future, and will probably be looking at breeders in Washington state and Oregon. They are responsible breeders here who do all the necessary health testing and breed for temperament as well as health. You'll meet a number of them on this forum. They are truly devoted to the breed. You will also meet Sharron Hurlbut, who is on here and who does basenji rescue. There are always rescued basenjis who need a good home and lots of love.

    Glad you are here with us.

  • Thank you so much for the warm welcome words at the Forum! I was very inspirit by my friend Steve, and think about my new puppy basenji. Although I read that basenjii is not for everybody dog, and it may be challenging however I seriously want to find my own Besenjii friend and to give him the name Kovu in honor of my friend's dog.
    Thanks again for your warm words!

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