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I put my Buttons in a K9 Top Coat Arctic Fleece Jogging suit which covers her belly and all four legs. They are really warm and perfect for our early morning walks when it's very cold here in MO. Size 3 fits most Basenji's like a glove and it does not cramp their style. Only problem is that they are quite expensive but Her Majesty Buttons worries not about little things such as that as long as she is warm and toasty.

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My name is Bill Farthing and I live in St. Louis with my Basenji girl Binty Buttanna (Buttons) (Binty is Arabic for "little girl"). She is the second Basenji who has owned me. The first was Anteffa Buttanna (also Buttons) in England during the 70s. My first Buttons had most of the B traits which often give the breed a bad name but in spite of it she was loved dearly. She traveled with I and my wife and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Arabia in 86 at 14. My new little girl is too good to be true. she is gentle and loving, not destructive, and she has never met a person that she dislikes. She came to live with me shortly after I lost my wife and has been my best friend ever since. She was nine weeks old and already had good knowledge of training humans. We have nice long walks every morning and we share our naps during the day. Life is good for Buttons and her old dad.

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