• Greetings,

    I just joined having found the forum after searching for advice for our dear Jaffad. He is an 8/9 year old who came to us last Mother's day as a rescue. He is a wonderful dog…but he has tummy trouble like you wouldn't believe. Diarrhea (often with a great deal of mucus) and some vomitting. We've also noticed that when his tummy is off...well, he doesn't smell too good. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • What are you feeding him? How often? Have you discussed this with your vet?

    I'm sure you'll get lots of great suggestions here.

  • I would get him to the vet and soon - that doesn't sound like just a food thing.
    And welcome to our pack.

  • Have you seen him scooting at all? Trying to lick his butt? If he has consistently loose stools that could cause his anal glands to fill and become impacted. Sometimes this can have a not so pleasant smell.
    With firmer poo the glands should empty when he "goes". The fiber in canned pumpkin usually helps firm up stools.

  • I'd take him to the vet just to be sure you are doing the right thing with his eating and to make sure nothing serious is wrong. If in doubt, at least call your vet and explain the problem - they may be able to tell you over the phone what it might be.

  • He should be seen by a vet. Has been tested or treated for Giardia? If he has been treated for Giardia and it has not improved then the next things to be considered is food allergy, IPSID, or a pancreatic problem.

  • How is your dog doing now?
    What did your vet say.

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