Bailey Basenji

Hello and greetings from (hot & humid) Philadelphia! I'm a new owner of a Basenji -Terrier mix. I hope you don't mind non 'pure-bred' members 🙂 I look forward to learning from all of you. I've had Bailey for about a month and so far so good! She's shedding a lot and I've already found a good tip about the zoom groom from Kong….gonna try it out. Thanx!

Hello to you and Bailey.

We hope you will share some pictures of your dog with us 🙂

Welcome to both you and Bailey (love that name!).


Welcome onboard from us down here in (probably) even more humid Houston,glad to have you both here. Would love to see pictures as well.

Thanks guys! I will be sure to get some pics out here by this weekend. Also, I used the Kong zoom-groom on Bailey last night and am amazed! The amount of dead hair that came off of her was enough to build another dog 🙂 What a tool…and cheap too. Bailey is a rescue from the shelter where I volunteer and I can assume she was never groomed by her prior owner. She was found wondering the streets of North Philly on her own so it's safe to say she's in a better place now (currently lounging in my air conditioned apt with my cat Polly).

Welcome to you and Bailey. It seems as though she is enjoying a lovely home.

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