Hello, This is Bailey, my Basenji Bull mix

  • This my 5.5 month old American Bulldog/Basenji mix. I'm pretty sure the dad was a Basenji anyway. Mom was an Am Bull for sure. Basenji would explain her looks and her small size. She is 31 lbs which I know is big for a Basenji, but American Bulldogs at her age are usually anywhere from 40 to 60 lbs or so.

    She is not "barkless" (probably the moms genes) but does have an interesting range of noises she can make.
    Everything I read about Basenji behavior matches Bailey quite well. What do you guys think. Basenji dad?

  • Her is a pic of her Mom. I guess the mom was down about 10 lbs or so in this picture after having the pups.

  • Bailey is a wonderful looking dog, whatever she is! Do you know who bred her? Perhaps they might have more info.

  • Thanks! I am trying to get ahold of the people I got her from but I lost their phone number…. She was from a farm way up north. They said the dad had wondered over to their house, and they don't know who's dog it was. The son saw it I guess and said it looked like a small pitbull, but I don't think he knew for sure. I really think she's 1/2 basenji.

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