• Hi, I thought this would be a great place to start and ask questions, considering adopting a besnji mix. He is about 15 lbs., very sweet about 1 year old and we think there is some Jack Russell or similar terrier. The foster parents say he has some Basenji traits like chewing (needs alot of chew toys) and doesn't bark much. Other than that he doesn't have any other Jack Russel traits or Basenji other than looks. My question is What health problems should I look for and WHat are the best chew toys for this dog ( avid chewer, needs supervision if not in crate)? Thanks

  • Welcome. Can you post a photo of your dog. I think you will find most of your questions answered in other sections of this site. So, check out the old posts.
    Where did you get your mix from?

  • From the local humane society, he was fostered for 4 mo. and I will get him Tues eve.

  • Well, Bless your heart. Its wonderful your opening your home and heart to this little dog.
    Hugs to you.

  • Right on! My Basenji is a mix breed as well, and I also adopted him. He is an absolute handful, but one of the best parts of my day is when I get home and see how he excited he is that dads home. And yeah… as far as chew toys, I have not found a single one that he can't destroy in less than 5 minutes. The best toy I've gotten him was a coil of rope that I tied into knots. lol, be prepared to pick up little pieces of his victims every day.

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