• Hi
    I rescued a dog described on her SPCA forms firstly as a greyhound cross, later as a whippet cross, then my vet thought she might be a staffy cross, she has spent all of her short life in and out of rescue centres. We nicknamed her miss piggy with her curly tail. After having her home for 6 months with plenty of exercise and good quality food she lost 4kg and has morphed into a dog very similar to a Basenji - definately a cross as her body is a bit too long, plus she throw her head into the air and can 'owp' which is her version of a bark. I realise why she was returned so many times - she's just a cocky little cock and we have totally rearranged our living situation, hidden our shoes, put up child gates etc to accommodate her and keep us sane!
    I'm looking for resources to help make her the best dog she can be , especially around other dogs as she
    can create a scene!

  • Pictures please!

  • Ha!!! I have taken loads - but she's never still, as soon as I get the iphone or camera ready she's ready for action busy busy girl! A good photo is still a work in progress

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ok, I've added her as my profile pic - not sure how I post a photo in a reply though...

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