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Thank you all so much!

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Yeah, he's obviously mixed with something bigger. He's a little over a year now.
He's about 60 lbs. His shoulders are about at my knee. I'll have to measure him. He does bark, but not a lot. He also "talks", kind of like a husky. Whines, mumbles, grumbles.

How reliable are the canine DNA kits? I've had one in my Amazon cart for awhile.

My main reason for wanting to know more about his breed is for his health. He is NOT good at the vet, even with medication. I just want to know more about what he might be predisposed to developing, so I can watch out for it.

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Hi there! I'm not sure if my dog is a Basenji mix, but I'm glad there is a forum so I can read more about them and hopefully determine if he is.

We got Harold from a local rescue. They called him a shepherd mix. He is golden/red in color, with short hair. His feet have a tiny bit of white, and there's a tiny bit of white on his chest, too. He has big stand up ears, and a tail that curls into a circle (unless he's nervous, then it goes straight). My boyfriend got him to be his dog, but Harold quickly bonded to me. He is not very friendly or outgoing. He does not like strangers.

I'm on my phone, so I don't know if I can attach a picture but I will try. If not, I will add some when I get home.

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