• Adopted an nervous little Black and White mc Nab type who was in welp, surprise. Beautiful Gorgeous pups. Sire Basenji.
    Kept two pups. Most Beautiful Gate. Live Water sports, Mountains, They are magnificent. Own Fenced Yard to explore. premium care, training attention affection Most of the yard had been excavated, 5 cats killed, 3 attacked survivors. Chickens elsewhere I know of a least one. All the moles, squirrels and rattle snakes eliminated. Siding on house took a beating. Impossible to fool. Despite my best efforts they can fool me into thinking they were not nearby and run 30 mph out the gate to go hunting then return when thirsty. For each challenge and behavior that You resolve. A new one will present.
    I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
    There loyalty is beyond words.
    No slobbering, dog odor either.
    Very good house manners. Still I keep an eye on my shoes. Kimm

  • This is kind of an ode to Basenjis!!!

  • Sounds like they have an ideal life - the sort that is denied to all too many Basenjis ! Lucky little dogs !

    (Not sure I'd let them continue to kill cats though ?)

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