This is Scarlet…do you think she is a Basenji mix?

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    My fiance and I just adopted Scarlet…we think she is part basenji so if you experts could look at the pics and let us know what you think, that would be awesome! Some additional info...her tail is not curled but has a white tip, she barks sometimes but also makes funny throaty noises too, and she tiptoes around the house and tries to sneak up on the birds at the feeders like a cat. Thanks for your help!

  • In my opinion Scarlet doesn't have Basenji in her but of course that's only my opinion and from photographs it's not always easy to tell. The colouring and markings are Basenji like. Any way she is rather beautiful. Thank you for giving her a loving home and welcome to the forum!

  • First Basenji's

    it does rather look like a 'mix' with Basenji. I just love hearing the good works of people opening their homes for the ones that need it! Bravo and good luck with her! cutie-what ever she is!!!

  • She is darling. Are there a lot of basenji byb breeders in your area or in rescue? She has some basenjiness look to her, but I have no idea. If you can video her other noises, we'd love to listen. 🙂

  • Scarlet is a cutie whatever she is! If you have a real interest in learning what she is, I would recomment - there you will find a site that will send you swabs for her cheeks, then will later on send you a report showing everything that is in her, and how much of each - it goes back five generations and the reports are wonderful. I know I sound like a commercial, but we sent off to find out what our Gemma was mixed with, and found she is basenji all the way on one side, and sheltie on the other, with a little collie thrown in three generations back. Because the reports send along information about what the breeds personalities are, it's really easy now to see when Gemma is being sheltie-ish and when she's being basenji, which is mainly when she's interacting with her PB sister. Good luck with Scarlet, and welcome! I think you can also pick up the DNA kits from wisdompanel at PetSmart, or so someone told me.

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