My Basenji Mix, Knuckles

Hi All - meet my little cutie, Knuckles. We are pretty sure he is part Basenji but don't know what else. He is the sweetest, most cuddly, loving dog we've ever had. We recently got a new puppy and Knuckles is the best big brother in the world! Anyone know what other type of dog he may be?


He is very Cute, looks to me like a huskie mix, don't really see Basenjis, but certainly you are welcome here

What a beautiful dog 😃 😃 Welcome!!! And keep the pics coming 😃

Cute dog, whatever he is.

For anyone with strong curiosity, the Orvis catalog (for dogs) has a DNA test for about $70, you can find out what your mix is made of! I think it's more fun to guess. He is really a pretty dog.
Anne in Tampa

Beautiful pup! Welcome!

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