Hi! Wondering if I have a Basenji mix.

  • Hi,

    I picked up a stray dog in CA when she was only about 5 months old. I tried to find an owner but never did so she ended up staying even though my plan was to foster her only as I have 2 other dogs. She, however had other plans. Initially I thought she was an Italian Greyhound mix because of her deep chest and long skinny legs. However, as she has put on weight I have started to think differently. In researching Basenjis I found that they have some traits in common with Iggies that she has that I attributed to the IG. She is very cat like and likes to climb. She is a velcro dog. She doesn't bark as much as my other terrier mix but she does to extra vocalizations as well. She is definitely a one person dog and bonded to me very quickly. I will try and post some photos to get others opinions as to whether she is a Basenji mix or not. 0_1482484973233_IMG_0159.JPG 0_1482484375497_IMG_6522.jpg 0_1482484260588_IMG_4424.jpg ![0_1482483734248_IMG_4423.JPG](Uploading 9%)

  • I would like to see a side picture of her standing. Definitely her head has a Basenji look to it. How big is she? How much does she weigh? Her markings and colouring certainly fit as well.

  • This is the best I have of her side view. She has put on a little weight since then and is now 22lb. She is about 14-15 " to the top of her shoulders tall. She does the forehead wrinkling but I haven't got a picture of it. Her tail doesn't curl as much but I know she is not a purebred. Just trying to figure out her mix.

  • The more I am reading about Basenjis the more I am positive she has a large % of Basenji in her. She licks herself for grooming and I was thinking she had fleas or hot spots but couldn't find either on her. Did I mention she is a climber and will climb up anything including me?

  • Side view makes me think Greyhound, as she is not square the way a Basenji is. However, mannerisms often tell you a lot. I don't know Italian Greyhounds well enough to know what traits may be common to them. What do her vocalizations sound like?

  • Determining breeds in a mix is always hard, but I could see her being part basenji. She might also have some chihuahua, judging by her face. Such a cute girl!

  • She is darling! I have no idea what she is mixed with, though if you really care a dna test might help. Regardless, what a character!

  • @himalayangypsy Let's see.... she is up on the piano & she is up on your back!! Okay, she likes to climb, the cute little thing! I'd like to know...When do the piano lessons start?? She's sweeeet!!

  • Thanks for the responses! To answer the vocalizations question, she does bark but she also howls and does some other odd vocalizations not quite the Basenji noises. She is definitely not a purebred though.

    She hasn't started piano lessons... 🙂 but I started her on some agility training a couple of years ago which she was doing well at but at her own pace.... She doesn't play fetch and wasn't as much interested in playing tug with a toy so it was hard finding the right things to motivate her. I might have to start her again but I moved and will have to find a new instructor.

    Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Fantastic 2017.

  • @himalayangypsy When you get some more of those "got ya'" pictures when she's doing some of those super cute things....Please post them in here!! She's cute as can be & I bet she's got a boat-load of surprises left for you!! Thank You!! 😉

  • @Nancy-Berry Thanks. I have a ton of pics of her. She is always doing something photo worthy. I post on instagram and tag hers #trickytrixie. Here are a couple more for your enjoyment! 😃

    2_1483094545959_IMG_4263.jpg 1_1483094545959_IMG_4267.jpg 0_1483094545958_IMG_4161.jpg

    Happy New Year!

  • @himalayangypsy She is so funny & serious at the same time!! lol .... You have a "1in a million" mix! In other words....what ever mix she is ~ she is special .. 24 hours a day special!! You're a very lucky lady to be owned by this little girl!! 🙂

  • She seems so very happy and bonded to you. And you to her. Sometimes things work out perfect. 🙂

  • Thanks, Nancy and Debra!

    I am very lucky she found me! I have one more pic to share of her with her 2 brothers. Yes, she is the "BOSS". She adores the other stray Chico and picks on the "old man" Luc but she also defends him against anyone else who might pick on him. She misses them both whenever they are separated for any length of time but especially Chico "her boyfriend brother!". Chico was also a street stray so maybe they just understand where the other came from. Cheers and Happy New Year!


  • Oh gosh you have a trio of happy dogs! Is the one on the end part poodle or maltese or what?

  • @himalayangypsy This picture would be perfect to put on X-mas cards... even other cards, like Birthdays & put a catchy little phrase on it!! Yes indeed ~ picture perfect!

  • I was very active in the basenji world for 10 years, and I vote:
    There is DEFINITELY basenji in the mix!

  • @RugosaB
    Oh Vicki it is wonderful to see you post! Not sure if you remember me and my daughter, and Sayblee.

    I think we were at the nationals in NC together. Sayblee placed 3rd place AmBred at the BCOA Nationals, Charlotte NC Oct 2002 with Brenda Cassell handling her.

    Your dear daughter made me sig gifs that I still have and cherish!

    Hopefully it will show up! Darn, none show up... Have to click.

    http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f203/DebraDownSth/Signature Related/debraROOOO.gif

  • @DebraDownSouth The white one is pure Lhasa Apso. Interesting because he is almost twice the size of a Lhasa. However he is AKC registered. He's my old man.

  • @himalayangypsy Oh my goodness. Okay yeah, I see it clearly now.

    We had a rescue here for a while, they told us her name was HANNAH. Later they admitted it was short for "Hannibell Lecter" ... It took 6 mos, prozac and sooo much to get her over her years of abuse. Even then the home that took her, no kids, safe environment, lived in huge 3 room area with the cats, and a friend who simply learned to manage her. She lived with her happily until her death.



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