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I read a post that said to post here and introduce myself, hi my name is Jessica. I have one chi that I think is mixed with the breed. I recently became interested because I got this dog, and I love the look of them, xena looks more like a chihuahua in the face but she has a lot of characteristics that look like a basenji. Please visit my profile, I have attached some pictures and info about her there.
I also have two other pups, a mutt and a teacup chihuahua.

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So pretty! I'm just getting interested in them, it wasn't that long ago that I discovered the breed on accident. I'm pretty convinced that my chihuahua is mixed with it. I'm not sure how to post attachments on the thread so I posted pics of her in an album here on my profile. Any ideas on what she's mixed with are welcomed and wanted.

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xena is the love of my life, I have three dogs, partial to chihuahuas. Got xena 4 months old at the pound. They told me she was a chihuahua… But a chihuahua mixed with what? I started to ask myself as she started to look more like a bat with a curled tail. My boyfriend and I joke that she's a chupacabra, since chihuahuas originate in Mexico it was good for a chuckle. But know I'm just really curious to know where she comes from. Not sure how to post picture here.

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