• 0_1554861002600_D1A09644-405C-4472-BC7B-52B05050BB0B.jpeg Hi, I’ve been following for sometime and I love all your stories. We adopted Penny 2 years ago she is 3 now. We were told she was Basenji and whippet I’ve had 2 other Basenji mixes but they did not bark much. Penny barks at every dog and person she sees. She has so many basenji behaviors though. So I thought I’d ask all you experts if you think she looks like she has basenji in her. I love her to pieces but she is a handful. Thank you! 0_1554777339463_70CBAEFA-9165-4C4E-9C0B-2D49429DCE48.jpeg

    .Thanks for your responses.
    She weighs about 20 lbs. she stares directly in my eyes. She is very smart, but stubborn. She learns things quickly. She make cute noises sounds like baroooo. Loves to snuggle and Plays very actively She doesn’t have cloven hooves.

  • Do you have pictures of her stood up and sitting?

  • Her face looks like a basenji. I'd also like to see a photo of her standing up. Curious to know some of her behaviors that might indicate if she might be part basenji. Regardless - she's beautiful!

  • @kembe The ears look right and so does the tail, but the nose is too square at the tip instead of tapering. For sure could be a mix though.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Definately basenji in there. You can have a DNA test done now for around $100 if you really want to know. Just make sure that they have basenji DNA in their data base. My Bolt, who is 3/4 African, has a square blocky head just like yours, although, I have to say he does have a slightly 'different' look than our others, but he is 100% basenji, he's just got a big blocky head!

  • @dagodingo
    I agree - snout doesn't look like a basenji.

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