• hahaha yeah she loves it when I run at her and she can chase me! shes super silly like that

  • I'm not sure about breed, she sure is cute though. I do say I love all the pictures of the all breeds doing lure. That's great, they are all just out having a good time!! Love to see things like that

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  • @tanza:

    Your girl is cute… but I would wonder if not more of New Guinea Singing Dog mix?

    So yesterday at the BCOSW, I had a second person suggest New Guinea Singing Dog when she saw Katie.

    I must look more into these dogs.

    I am still 100% convinced that I want my next dog to be a purebred basenji though! All of the events I have been to and all of the wonderful people in the local breed clubs has made me even more convince that I was before. I can't wait!
    Even if Katie isn't really a B-mix, I think her mischevious side, and independence have prepared me pretty well.
    If I can survive having my plumbing eaten, I can survive anything πŸ™‚

    Katie, Petey and the cats

  • Whatever breed you decide to get next, just make sure the breeders have done all the health testing that is required for the dog your getting.

  • There is a specific tooth that should be prominant if it's a NGSD. Darned if I remember thought I did well to do that. You would also notice that she would be quite a bit shorter than long. Hard to tell her height in the pix.

    I have to comment though - if you got her in Il. there was someone breeding quite purposfully smooth collie and basenji. Dogs had typically a basenji look - but frequently had that collie masking on their face. This 'breeder' was in Il.

    Whatever - looks like you are having a great time with her.

  • @dmcarty:

    There is a specific tooth that should be prominant if it's a NGSD.
    Whatever - looks like you are having a great time with her.

    Thanks. I will definitely look into the tooth thing.

    Katie is from New Orleans. She was found in New Orleans about 1month after Katrina. She was about 8-10 months old when she was found. We adopted her after she had been in the shelter for 9 months.

    She is a great dog, and we are having so much fun with her.

    Katie, Petey, and the cats

  • I have met several NGSDs in person and they are very distinctive. Here is a link a page with a pic and some info on the breed, http://www.rarebreed.com/breeds/ngsd/ngsd.html

  • Interestingly, there was a programme on BBC Radio 4(UK) about NGSD and when the vocalisation was played all my Basenjis pricked up their ears and joined in. They had never responded to dogs on the radio before or since!!

  • Katie is a lovely looking Girl and is lucky to have found you.

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