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@elbrant The only thing I wonder about spraying water to correct them is could it backfire come bath time? Zuzu had a dislike for water when we got her and it took a while to train her to like it. Some people on other pet forums use small air horns to stop their dogs from doing undesirable things like barking and jumping, but that doesn't sit well with me because it could possibly damage their hearing.

I have a stainless steel dog whistle that I use to break Zuzu's concentration and it always stops her dead in her tracks. Works anytime I want to distract her from doing something she shouldn't or get her attention. Not sure if it would work for the destructive action you described because the whistle stops them before they commit their crime - she doesn't mind the whistle noise, it just makes her cock her head with her ears perked up. I baby proofed my house when we got a puppy so she doesn’t get into much trouble or destroy stuff, so far that’s worked out well. Now that she’s a bit older I can leave some things within her reach and she doesn’t seem interested. Keeping fingers crossed.

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@elbrant doodle BUG's diet looks good to me, I feed Zuzu the same foods. I go light with the brown rice and not every day. The only thing I add is 4 ounces of wild caught salmon 2 times a week and a few sardines a week for the omega. I also give her a hard-boiled egg a couple of times a week - she loves scrambled eggs too. It breaks up the monotony. Sometimes I boil her chicken, usually boneless thighs so I use that water as her stock. Bone broth is supposed to be excellent for humans and dogs, can get it salt-free and onion-free versions in cartons in most supermarkets. Other times I bake her chicken. She also gets pumpkin and loves butternut squash. She gets a tablespoon of plain yogurt a few times a week.

Pretty much the same for snacks too, peanut butter filled Kong and she loves "Get Naked No-Grain Chews" - they provide a little calcium too. She still gets a couple of broken up freeze-dried Primal Nuggets as a training reward. They contain real ground up bones - real bones were something her diet was lacking in. She gets one chewable multivitamin a day too, just to make sure I'm not missing anything - and a few times a week ground eggshell.

Sounds like so much work, but once I got it down to a science it's really quite easy. She pretty much eats what we eat so hers is cooked with ours. If I bake lasagna or something I always have a few big frozen chicken meatballs in the freezer for her. I add the veggies right into the ground chicken mix with an egg and bake them that way for her.

I'll never go back to kibble - and neither would she! Her coat is thick and shiny, eyes clear, and she smells so clean. She's doing great on it! No more checking for recalls, either 🙂

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Pet parents are sharing their negative vaccine experiences on various pet forums, it's not just dogs. They range from mild to serious and they can happen within minutes or take years to show up in one degree or another. Have to factor in a pup's health and the possibility of a bad batch of vaccine too. Being we do have to vaccinate our pets all anyone can do is research online and decide whatever they believe is best. It’s the same with humans, I go to my doctor once a year for an annual checkup and CBC, I’m always recommended vaccines, I politely refuse them go home and research. My husband almost got talked into the shingles vaccine, thankfully he didn’t get it. Merck has since admitted it can cause eye problems and possibly shingles. The only thing anyone can do is be proactive today.

I hope you find another puppy packmom. I agree about not shipping. Opal didn’t get the chance to come home, but she will always be in your hearts.

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@sass7656 Sorry to hear about your dog ending up with a lifelong autoimmune disease and after 6 years lost the battle. I hesitated to post this at such a sad time, but even though it’s not the norm, dogs are having a lot more negative reactions to vaccines than most people realize, it’s more the adjunctives/additives in the vaccines that cause problems. The lower the weight of the dog the worse they can react. Can search about this online and find lots of info on it. Will also find it to be as controversial as children's vaccines. This is why I chose a holistic vet - my girl received all her core vaccines mercury free and thimerosal free. She also did not receive any multiple vaccines, all were given individually. It was a decision I made after researching both sides. So sad to hear these stories.

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@packmom Oh, I am so so sorry. I'm truly heartbroken for you.

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@basenjifan Hi, separation anxiety is a tough one. I don’t leave my girl in a crate for more than 2 hours, but that is by my choice and not something she complains about. If we are going out for more than 2 hours I have her set up in a mudroom that has ceramic tile flooring and tile halfway up the walls. Not everyone has such an arrangement, but a small bathroom might also work. As long as he’s not a chewer who would chew up the cabinetry and shower curtains, etc.. Crazy as it may sound I always leave classical music cd's on for her playing softly - they really mellow her. Of course without access to any electrical wires. Baby lullaby cd's work well too.

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@debradownsouth I deleted some of my responses because people like you are to be ignored. I thought it might also stop you from reading them over and responding to more. So, no matter how many more responses you post from here on, I will NOT be responding to you again, that way you can get that last word you need. I see right on the homepage another members frustration for you to stop responding on a different thread. Let’s see how long it takes for you to bully someone else again...sad.

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@debradownsouth You’re still festering and posting to me on this thread? This thread was over, but you don’t seem to be able to let it go. I will call out a bully anytime I see one. For that is how we rid the world of them. Now I understand why most members of this group ignore you when you’re badgering other members. People like you are to be ignored.

My goodness, you're trying to explain an awful lot of your behaviors - I see that you are deleting and editing your posts like mad. You removed where you said you were going to report me to admin. You held no threat over me with that. This forum is your life, not mine. Continue with this and I WILL report you to the owners of this forum.

You’re complaining about going off topic? The first time I came to the defense of another member you accused the woman, who asked for help with a difficult dog, of child abuse and told her to euthanize her dog. Another poor victim of yours posted asking about riding a bike with his dog, he wound up having to defend the whole State of Israel due to your offensive behavior. You’re well-known on this forum for your going off topic to start a “Hot Topic.” Those are just two of many examples I could give and I haven’t gone through the entire forum. I usually see your problem posts listed right on the homepage.

If I do post on this forum in the future DO NOT respond to any of my posts. I’m not interested in anything you have to share. Nor do I want to be deluged with useless links that only support your closed minded views. If you could think for yourself you wouldn’t have to keep posting links.

I see you’re busy trying to mend broken relationships you made on this thread, it’s a hopeful sign. Sad that you’re not getting any responses though.

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@debradownsouth I deleted my older posts to remove personal info, I deleted my more recent responses to let you save face.

I'm not responding anymore, what more is there to say anyway. All your reposting is proving who is obsessed.

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