Do you think Lucy is a Basenji mix?

  • possibly. We would need to see more pics, though 🙂 How big is she? What does her tail do?

  • She is about 27 pounds at 9.5 months. Her tail does not curl all the way. She rarely barks, when awake her ears are strait up and she has wrinkles on her head. Chews all the time and likes to climb on everything. I have had 5 or 6 people say that she looks like a basenji. I adopted her from a local pound and they said she is a Sheppard mix but they did not have any info for the former owner because they left her outside in the drop cage.

  • It looks like she definitely could be part B. Does she make any strange sounds? Like rooooooo?

  • Yes. She does bark occasionally but she makes noises more often then barking. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of her on my phone standing up.

  • Matt, it appears she could very well be part basenji. I have a basenji/whippet mix that the shelter had listed as a whippet mix. It doesn't take long for the basenji traits to appear. We have no doubt that Hollie is a basenji. She yodels, sleeps in the bed under the covers, she leads against us, she runs the b500 daily through the house, she hates water, she is squirrel obsessed and many other things that are b traits. Does yours have any basenji quirks?

  • Hi Matt22c! Lucy sure is a cutie, and her ears do like quite 'senji-ish.

  • This should be a better pic.

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