• Hi everyone…we recently adopted a mix from a local shelter here in Massachusetts. We have only had her for 3 weeks and from the research I have done , I believe her to be Basenji mixed with ?? possibly whippet or a large rat terrier?? She has much bigger ears than many basenji's I have seen online. Plus her tail doesn't curl all way up on her back...she is 26 pounds. The shelter had her listed as a lab mix but I do not see that at all in her.
    Her name is Maggie. She is a rescued dog from Puerto Rico/ Sato dog. Maggie is said to be about 8 months old. She was very timid and has come a long way in three weeks. She is very alert, can bark but also makes lots of groaning and growl noises. Very energetic, likes to bow, stand on her hind legs for long moments and can partially walk on hind legs. Crazy about food ...probably from trying to find food while she was a stray. Very protective with fur up and barking from her home...poor neighbors are barked at through our window. She can be aloof with us but does want to be petted and cuddles in bed. Last but not least....she is a CHEWER!! Many pairs of shoes have already been destroyed. Luv her already though...she is a sweetie in general.
    Any feedback would be appreciated,
    Thanks so much...Patty
    ps...sorry if i added too many pics...not sure if this is ok with forum but more pics of Maggie can be seen at http://www.flintpondphoto.com/Maggie and also at http://www.petaeroplace.com/Maggie

  • She is so cute! I agree w/you she looks like a basenji mix to me, has the white in all the right places too!

  • At quick glance she looks like a straight basenji, black and white. I would say that there is basenji in her. She bery pretty, and we all love pictures, the more the better, lol.

    Welcome to the forum, can't wait to hear more about your girl

  • She is beautiful! Welcome to the forum…There is lots of great information here to help with your new addition...and we love pictures!

  • Look like a B mix to me for sure… very cute

  • I think she's very pretty indeed….........welcome! She may be a mix, definetly has a bunch of B/W Basenji in her.

  • Wow! She's so shiny!!!

    Welcome to the forum.

    Looks very much like my B mix Cooper. Check out photos in the user gallery or at http://picasaweb.google.com/subaruthie.

  • She is adorable! I would definitely guess she has b in her!

  • She is beautiful. In that last photo, she looks like a full B&W basenji. In some of the others, she looks like a B mix. But she definitely looks part basenji.

  • Yes, The first and last look "pure"basenji, and very beautiful. Welcome! She is a lovely girl.

    Anne in Tampa

  • She looks very much like a pure basenji, and there are those that have more relaxed tails. At certain angles you can see a hint of something else in her, and of course, there is the barking. But she looks mostly like a beautiful black and white basenji! Lucky you (and her).

    Enjoy her and welcome!

  • Subaruthie,
    Thanks for showing me Cooper…they do look so much alike! That's awesome. I like how you are able to take Cooper to the dog park and he runs free , no leash. It's too soon to even begin to try that with Maggie but I want to be able to do that someday. I am afraid if we constantly use the leash that she will want to take off when she is free. This spring we are going to fence in our yard so she can run free in the yard, with supervision of course 🙂
    It's also great that he goes to work with you. He must look forward to it now.
    Thanks so much for your reply and will post again soon,
    Patty and Maggie

  • Thanks everyone for your replies..This forum is so nice and very informative. It's a great find for us new Basenji owned people 🙂

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