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Thanks, Lynn. I guess I'll have to resort to that. Looks like the moderator is AWOL.

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I can't find anything on the settings page or anywhere else.

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Thanks, Mom and Jan. The b/w is the only artsy photo I have of Daisy. And the bottom one really cracks me up.

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Just a collection of pics, if I can figure out how to load them all. The kissing photo includes her bff, Darwin, a lab-springer spaniel who is 6 mos. older than her. Actually, she's his puppy.


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Hi, everybody. Even though my Daisy isn't pure basenji, I think she's just naughty/untrainable enough to qualify. :p I got Daisy as a companion to my lab-spring spaniel boy, Darwin, and they are bffs (best friends forever). She's 2, he's 2 1/2. I have a theory about why basenjis are so darn cute: 'cause if they weren't, we'd murder them in their sleep, ha ha. But seriously, we love both these dogs to pieces, and she's far more important to me than my furniture, slippers, jeans, tablecloth, leashes, power cords, dish towels, . . .


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Hi, I'm new here. My pup is half basenji and half lab. Ordinarily, I wouldn't join a basenji forum, but I sure could use some help with training. The basenji half pees on the floor and is an escape artist; the lab half barks.

Daisy doesn't try too hard to get out the door when it's open, but in the back yard you can't trust her for a minute. We have a 6-foot wooden privacy fence, and she can dig under it like nobody's business. After having to chase her down more than a dozen times, I finally installed a tether system. I have a long line (about 50 feet) from the back of the house, across the yard, to the garage, with a pulley thing on it, and about a 20-foot tether attached to it. Before I open the back door, I get her by the collar, open the door, clip the tether to her collar, and away she goes. She has the run of a pretty nice-sized yard, but the tether isn't quite long enough for her to reach the fence. Before I shortened the tether, she would still dig under the fence, and then have to just sit in the neighbor's yard until someone noticed her. Luckily, my neighbors are dog lovers and have a sense of humor. Silly dog. Even with the tether, she gets to be in the yard only when I'm home.

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