• Hello,

    I am a proud basenji mom to two BRAT rescues. The ever adorable Kiya (in my avatar) and the obnoxious yet still lovable Sam. I'm fairly new to basenji ownership. My husband and I adopted Kiya last September. We were considering adding a 2nd basenji to our family in January when BRAT contacted us about needing a foster home for a young male. We ended up adopting that young guy and are now a 2 basenji (and 1 cat) household. We live in sunny Tolleson, Arizona and the B's approve of the dry, hot climate. I think they like it a lot more than the humans do.

    I remember doing many searches on the web looking for a basenji board so I'm very glad that there is one now. Thank you for all the effort in getting this off the ground.


  • Welcome, I live in Wa state and do BRAT rescue.
    Lots of rescue folks are here.
    Again, welcome

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