We are Basenji lovers from Central Texas

  • Dennis and Gretchen Williams in Harker Heights

    My husband had and Base before we were married. Our first baby, Pasha, came from a breeder in Lubbock and I was a lover of the breed after raising him from a puppy. The last B, Ellie, we had came from Sue Kite in Ohio. Ellie died last May and now we are B-less and trying to locate a female R&W adult to replace her.

    Love Basenjis!!

  • Have you contacted Sue Kite for a pup? Don't think that she has any adults... but might be able to steer you in the right direction. Or try basenjirescue.org. Otherwise you can contact other breeders and see if they have an adult to place.

  • Denise Vertrees is a reputable breeder near Austin. She doesn't have any pups and no litters planned this year. She is always willing to help a family find the right B. I asked permission before sharing her contact information: [private email]. If the email is removed, she is on Facebook.

  • Tthank you so much.

  • @tanza Sue has been on the look-out for us. She found a beautiful female that needed to be adopted but the dog wasn't quite 3. That was too young for what we were hoping for.

  • @gretchen - You might want to reconsider if you can't find exactly what you are looking for... go for the younger adult... IMO...

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