Texas Basenji Lover


Greetings from Texas!

My name is Judy and I have a black and white Basenji boy who will be 14 years old in February. My female red and white Basenji died 3 years ago. My daughter and I are saving money to get another boy and girl. We are hoping to purchase or rescue B's that are 10-12 mos old. We are taking our time looking. I am trying to decide if my boy Max would tolerate a young female.

I am delighted to become a forum member and look forward to chatting with other Basenji owners.

Welcome TX, Great forum, good information, good people….enjoy.

Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to brag, learn and find comfort, when needed. I hope you are able to get another B soon. Check out BRAT and try to rescue one. Hope to see pics posted soon.

Hello txBlover! Welcome to the forums!

Hello and welcome! This a great place to share, learn and have fun. Let us know how your search goes!

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