Kaylee the Basenji

Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce Kaylee, the 3 year old Basenji. I've been on the hunt for a basenji for the last few months and finally found a great one. I picked her up last sunday from Denise from Starfyre Basenji's in Southern California, and so far she's been great. Now she's living it up just outside of Hollywood in Burbank, California. Here are her pics.

Welcome to the forum! Kaylee is cute!

congrats on your pup….. and I know Denise well!!!

Much of Denise's breeding is related to my old boy OJ… and I can see the look in the face...

to the tune of "this land is your land"
You've got a cutie who says
"This house is my house
This couch is my couch…!!"

Welcome to the forum, she's very cute

She's very pretty. Congratulations!

AW, she so pretty! Congrats and welcome!

Yeah! Congratulations! We can't wait to hear your stories.

She looks like she settled in quickly! Congratulations! She's very pretty.

Welcome to the Forum…she's super cute!!! She look pretty big (could be the camera angle)...her paws look big...how much does she weigh?

She is sooo cute and looks sooo happy!

Her bloodline runs to the bigger size… my boy is bigger then the "suggested" size and mostly everything I have seen from that line is from the bigger side.. including the bitches... but alot I think is the picture....

she's actually pretty small, probably 15-18lbs. The pictures make her look alot bigger than she is.

She has settled quickly, she's a great dog

My Zip is a Starfyre basenji too!! Welcome! She says barooooo to her old kennel friend. Kaylee's a cutie! i probably met her when I was there….did Denise call her Jessica?

Her name was Bibi before we changed it.

Good lookin dog! I was lucky I got mine at the shelter two days before he would be put to sleep.

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