• I am getting my little basenji girl named "inca" tomorrow and am excited. Someone i know cannot keep her and I said I would. I'm not sure what I'm getting into because I never really lived with a basenji before but I'm looking forward to it. I have worked at an animal shelter for many years but haven't seen many stray or unwanted basenjis. Anything I should be especially aware of? thanks susan from pennsylvania

  • You are right….you don't know what you're getting into, LOL, but I mean that in the nicest possible way. ;-}

    Be prepared to take a lot of walks, and play a lot. Have plenty of chewy toy options -- stuffed animals for her to "gut", chew toys {Jazzy won't chew plastic or rubber toys, only stuffed animals and rawhide, bones, etc}. Watch her closely because they are fast and will have eaten your slipper before you know it!
    Watch her around doors. Basenjis love to run, and they are f-a-s-t! If she doesn't already have one, teach her a word or sound that ALWAYS means yummy treat. Jazzy's is just 'puppy puppy puppy" in a little sing-song tone that got started with her obedience instructor. She comes very well to that.
    Be ready to snuggle a lot too.

    And be ready to be amused -- A LOT!!! You just got yourself your hands FULL of fun and love!

  • Thanks JazzysMom,
    Yes she does like to chew. Watching her closely and she does like to snuggle! susan Pennysylvania

  • I went to dollar general store and bought several $1.00 stuffed animals.. Sandie loves them esp the ones with animal sounds in them.. ide have to say tho Teddy is her favorite.. In her enclosure she will hold him in her mouth and cry to get out… It's so sweet i have to let her out...She also loves the skinny stick rawhide chews we usually save these for bed time...she knows its bed time when we go hunting the one from the night before... usually found between the sheets or tucked under a pillow..

  • You might need the Basenji Owners manual under books.
    Or I can send you the site.
    Its helpful re training and behavior issues.
    This pup will not be like any other pup you have ever had.
    Correct training/correction in puppyhood will make sure your basenji grows up to be a loving dog for your family.

  • Just remember. Negitive training doesn't work well with Basenji. Yell and most of them will look at you with "is that all you got?" type look. Negitive training makes basenji into psychos. (humans too, but that is another story)

    Praise, Bribery, Attention (constant) and lots of love is the only way to "train" a basenji.

    One other basenji owner gave me this advice:

    This is how you train your basenji with a rolled up newspaper…

    When your basenji does something wrong, take a rolled up newspaper and beat yourself on the head for not watching the basenji close enough.

  • All of the above advice is right on the money, you are in for a treat. They do require alot of attention, and my Sahara will do negative things to get it if I ignore her. They do love to run, get her into Lure Coursing if possible after 1 year of age, I am planning on doing this myself. This breed is fast as lightning on their feet, I have an underground fence in my yard. Sahara is so fast she jumped over the electric underground fence to chase a cat. She never got shocked, and I had a hard time getting her back in my yard, she jumped like a deer. I had to increase the shock, and I hate that, but I don't want to have a dead dog either, I live in town and she loves to chase the cars that go by my house. She will stop at the electric line every time now, she does not like to get shocked. Basenjis are quite stubborn, but they are also the most loving breed I have seen. She loves to snuggle and be close to Mommy and Daddy, she got my husband's expensive glasses today, and bent them in half. He was so mad, but he still loves her, he had to go have them fixed just so he could go to work. My Sahara lucked out b/c they did not charge him for fixing them, he bought them there. So if you wear glasses, beware they will do anything to get them. Teach your B to fetch, Sahara loves to fetch her ball in the yard, and we go until her tongue is hanging out, remember a tired B is a blessing. haha:D

  • i found the only thing that gets Sandies attention now days is a rolled news paper… i dont hit her with it, just the site of it and me slapping it against my legg, usually makes her stop what ever she is doing...usually its nothing major... chasing the cats...or if she just wont stop beating me up after we play...

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