• Hello everyone! I am from Los Angeles, but recently moved to Redlands (a little over an hour east of LA). I've wanted a basenji ever since I was a kid and have finally decided to get one. I am working with a breeder right now and went to visit the littler a few days ago and I should be bringing home my new puppy at the end of next month. I'm super excited!

    I joined the forum for basenji support and hopefully to meet up and have fun with our dogs. First off I am looking for suggestions for things to get before my puppy comes home. I have already started going through my home looking for ways to puppy proof the place. But if anyone has suggestions for things I should keep in mind, products that I should buy before hand, etc. I would be greatly appreciative.


  • Congrats on your new puppy! Is it male or female? Got any names lined up? What color is it? When will you be bringing it home? So many questions!

    A few things you could get is cleaning spray to clean up accidents. I used Nature's Miracle when I was house training Kaeda. It takes out the stains and smells of urine on your carpet, and they even have one for hardwood floors. Very mild for both your floors and puppy, but strong enough to get rid of the stains and smells. If you are out of the house for long periods of time, I would suggest getting a wire crate. You can put a bed in it with her toys. A kong toy is really good, I like to fill it with plain yogurt and freeze it. You can also put sweet potatoes and freeze that too. They love it! Oh! You could also get it a sweater or jacket if it gets cold where you live. I can't really think of anything basenji related that you could get. I do know that Kaeda loves to cuddle under blankets and devours cheese and plain yogurt. 🙂

    Anyways, I hope I was of SOME help. I wish you luck on your new baby.

  • Welcome! Where is your new baby coming from? Although we moved to TX in 2009, we spent over 30 years in San Diego area and were founding members of South Coast Basenji Club, so we pretty much know and/or are related by dogs to most of the So Cal breeders.

    As far as what to get for your puppy - we provide a "Supply list" for our new puppy buyers. Items on it include: Bitter Apple (works better than other brands), ECO 88 stain & odor control, available online, not sure if it's in CA or not. It seems to work better than Nature's Miracle, which we've used for many years. Also a supply of food, preferably the same brand fed by the breeder. I'm sure your breeder will have a puppy kit which they send with the pup, so you should check with them to find out what you need to get.

    Good luck, and post pictures!!


  • Welcome and many of us are related by our Basenjis, where is your little one coming from?

  • Welcome and congratulations! Get ready for a wild and wonderful ride!

  • @MacPack:

    Welcome and congratulations! Get ready for a wild and wonderful ride!

    Oh your life is so going to change! 😉

  • My puppy is coming from Denise Searcy in Nuevo CA. I'm really looking forward to bringing my puppy home and am in the process of puppy proofing my place and getting everything ready for her.

    I'm sooooo excited. I will definitely post pictures when I get her.

  • Congratulations on the newest member of your family! I know you're not in LA any more, but the entire LA area is very dog-friendly, as is most of CA. You'll be able to take your new B lots of places, when s/he is old enough. Meeting all kinds of people in all kinds of situations will help socialize him/her, and it will be fun for both of you. Enjoy… and welcome!

  • Lots of chew things, lots of warm fluffy stuff, lots of patience and a camera to catch her/his puppyhood - it is over so soon.
    We have 2 B's, our first dog, the best thing that could happen to us.

  • Thanks for the replies! My puppy is coming from Denise Searcy from Nuevo CA. She had two litters this year and they were both whelped on December 28th…two hours apart!

    I spoke with her the other day and she said that my puppy will be ready to come home around March 8th or 9th, when she is 10 weeks old. I am moving to a new place with a private backyard March 1st so she'll have a convenient place to have some outdoor time. I'm really lucky to work in an office that is dog friendly and when she is a little older I am expecting to bring her to work with me a couple times a week.

    Thank you for the input about what to get before she comes home. I know it's impossible to know everything my puppy will need since every dog is different, but I am trying my best to have my bases covered.

    I will post pictures as soon as I can. 🙂

  • My puppy is going to be turning 10 weeks old this friday and will be ready to come home. I am so excited to bring her home! I will be posting pictures all over the place once she comes home. 🙂

  • I remember how excited I was when I got my first basenji, best day ever! Life has never been the same and I couldn't imagine life without my best friend(s)! Congratulations!

  • Great news! Apart from all the practical stuffs (lots of toys and chews!) you'll need a lot of patience and consistency.
    Our Lela was house trained in a week or so, and she loved a cardboard box: it held all her toys, and she would take them out, play a bit, and then went to sleep in it… http://tiny.cc/icvgtw

  • I know Denise very well and most of her Basenjis…. congrats!

  • First Basenji's

    Congrats!!! Your first day together is coming up soon right? You must be so excited!! I am getting my first boy within the next two weeks also, so it will be great to see someone else enjoy the puppy phase!! Definitely post pics as soon as you can 🙂

  • Here are pictures of my new puppy. Her name is Dopamine or "Dopa" for short.

    She came home yesterday evening and is quickly getting the hang of things in her new home.

  • Lovely - I especially like the Big Brave Girl in Picture 2…

  • love that name - what a cutie!

  • Love the wrinkles, congrats on a very pretty girl

  • Wow girls are so pretty, she is such a cutie. We got our boy at 10 weeks and gave him a few days to settle in with the cats and us then started training. They are so smart and pick up things quickly so have fun and enjoy as everyone will tell you they grow so fast.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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