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Our Basenji Loki is three years old. For his first year we fed him a high end kibble. Two years ago we switched to a raw diet. Loki's was very healthy and vibrant during his first year, however after switching the the raw diet it was clear that he not only enjoyed his food more he also showed an increase in energy and vitality.

I'd never go back to providing Loki with a carbohydrate based diet. It's deadly for humans and even worse for dogs.

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As you may have read I am about to get my first Basenji pup. So I'm no expert. However with that said I live in a Penthouse in Vancouver BC. I invested in a unit that goes out on the balconey. While I'm still planning on going for daily walks ect. I am going to train my guy to use this. I've already set mine up and it's nice looking and hopefully will work. There are a lot of testimonials on Amazon mostly pro.

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Hello everyone,

My name is Dori O'Neill and I've just joined the forum.

The O'Neill household is excited to welcome our newest family member Loki to our home. Loki currently is still with Mom. We were fortunate to acquire Loki from Simone Gaudet Simone is a very knowledgeable breeder that has helped us in so many ways.

I am looking forward to sharing stories and pictures of our new addition.

Dori O'Neill

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