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@donc - DNA those breeds Ridgebacks/Azawakhs are not typically in the Basenji... yes they are hounds and came from Africia but not found in Basenjis DNA that I have seen... but Decker Terriers are Rat Terriers and Basenjis were used in the development of Deckers and of course Deckers were used in the development of Rat Terriers.... if you research Basenji pedigrees you will not find Ridgeback or Azawah

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@elbrant - best that you go to AKC and research this breed it is spelled Azawakh
.. This is a newly breed accepted by AKC to the hound group

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@keimau - what are you doing with potty training? Taking them out only in the morning... is not enough... but you have not really indicated what the general potty training is?... because you have been using faux grass or pee pads... and are going to continue to use them, you will need to put them in those areas that she is pooping... however, the better choice would be to teach her to potty outdoors

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Mostly Decker Terriers as Basenjis were used in their breeding programs in years past... not so for Ridgebacks or Azawakhs.. at least not in my opinion...

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Thank you for going to a responsible breeder and I believe that your pup is related to my Basenjis. Have you registered the pup yet? and if not or so, remember to sent the registration number and sire / dam to Zande...and AKC registration name
for her pedigree site...

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Not all Basenjis are vocal... in fact one of mine was not till age 7yrs.. and one of my others has yodeled 4 times in 10 years.. they do or they do not... period

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@eledhan - understand... but sill a mutt regardless.. but still very cute and thanks for giving him a home. I would not say pure Basenji at any point... he has lots of things that could point to many breeds and/or mixes...

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