First Time Basenji Owner! Hello from Connecticut!

  • @nancyss
    Binti is beautiful! What a sweetheart!❤

  • @nancyss Binti is so precious!

  • @annapolitan Yes do your research for sure! I started my search and my research for a Basenji over a year and a half ago. I was on a waiting list for another breeder for 10 months and one of their dogs, unfortunately, didn't conceive. So there wasn't enough pups to go around, luckily Klassic Basenji's had a pup available and they've been so great and responsive to all my questions! I can't wait to take home my little guy!

  • @elbrant This is a great idea, he is so quiet that I sometimes step on his little feet as he serpentines around me at the sink. Thanks.

  • @tanza - thanks for your input. Yes, I’ve been in the dog world for many years (and I’m a cynical New Yorker) so I think I can sniff out a reputable breeder (preservation breeder I think is the new term?) From the ones that just “breed” By now. But I will check out your site to learn anything I can that is More Basenji specific.

    Good point about a conscientious breeder pointing out the negatives first. And yes, I think our last Aussie forced me to relax and learn to laugh at myself and him a bit more... LOL. Excellent reco to ask others about any breeders I speak to. Most of my guys were rescues from rescue orgs, only 1 (Aussie 2.0) was from a breeder who was referred to me by someone who knew us both. I’ll have to step that up.

    I’m allergic to dogs, technically, but am not looking for a hypo allergenic dog. I’ve had a Golden and Aussies, I think my husband thinks a Basenji’s shedding will be a great improvement! The hound thing will be new to us. I’m flexible across AKC groups, I just want a dog that will suit our lifestyle.

    I’ve reached out to Sue Kite at Klassic (thanks) As well as a few breeders closer to where we are in Annapolis MD.

    I’m just glad I found this forum so I know that not all B’s have crazy separation anxiety and can be engaged enough with their owners to work with us on some obedience training 😆. THANK YOU!

  • @kembe thank you. She is a sweetheart and the light of our lives!

  • @tjoseph91 She is th smartest little thing and we think she is precious, too. Thank you for your comment on our girl!

  • Here’s a picture of my my 9 week old Basenji Bentley ☺☺️!0_1586261868043_BDBDF0F6-0403-4574-92FF-6B6BDCF2A716.jpeg

  • @tjoseph91
    WOW!!! Bentley is Super duper cute! Remember that innocent face when he gets into mischief! Congratulations!🐾🐕❤

  • Banned

    Thank you for going to a responsible breeder and I believe that your pup is related to my Basenjis. Have you registered the pup yet? and if not or so, remember to sent the registration number and sire / dam to Zande...and AKC registration name
    for her pedigree site...

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