• All of us are just happy basenji folks have found this site.
    Its such a support system when it comes to so many basenji "things".
    Don't be surprised if you decide you have to get a second b…
    Its is addictive you know!

  • A little bit of an update, Cairo turned 5 months on May 3rd. He is a handful, but we wouldn't trade him for anything. Hes sharp as a tack too, already house broken. Goes to the door when he wants out and real easy to take on walks.

  • Did you get the fanoni test kit yet?

  • I was just going to suggest the same thing, you really do want to have the DNA test for Fanconi done unless his sire and dam have already been tested. You can check and see if they have at www.offa.org. and the DNA test is very easy, you just order it from OFA and it is a cheek swab, get the kit, swab the pup, send it in… done! Again for your own peace of mind, best 65.00 you will ever spend.

    It really is too bad that all breeders do not test before breeding so that another Fanconi affected Basenji will never be born.

    To learn about Fanconi go to www.basenjihealth.org

  • He is growing so fast! What a handsome boy he is, I love his face.

  • He's very cute! Sounds like you are turning into a real basenji-convert.

  • Thanks a lot, he is a pretty boy. He's gettin' big fast, solid and his head is fiiling out too. Got his little eye liner thing goin' on, haha. I'll look to see if his sire and dam have been tested. I'm gonna check on that kit also, I'll post back and on my findings.

  • Thank you for posting more pictures of Cairo - he looks a mischief!

  • @Patty:

    Thank you for posting more pictures of Cairo - he looks a mischief!

    Pleasure is all mine, I like to show off my boy as well as seeing everyone else's B's. And yes, he is very mischievous.

  • Cairo is growing well, he's lovely. I know what you mean about the black eyeliner job, Malaika has it too.

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