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@tanza - thanks for your input. Yes, I’ve been in the dog world for many years (and I’m a cynical New Yorker) so I think I can sniff out a reputable breeder (preservation breeder I think is the new term?) From the ones that just “breed” By now. But I will check out your site to learn anything I can that is More Basenji specific.

Good point about a conscientious breeder pointing out the negatives first. And yes, I think our last Aussie forced me to relax and learn to laugh at myself and him a bit more... LOL. Excellent reco to ask others about any breeders I speak to. Most of my guys were rescues from rescue orgs, only 1 (Aussie 2.0) was from a breeder who was referred to me by someone who knew us both. I’ll have to step that up.

I’m allergic to dogs, technically, but am not looking for a hypo allergenic dog. I’ve had a Golden and Aussies, I think my husband thinks a Basenji’s shedding will be a great improvement! The hound thing will be new to us. I’m flexible across AKC groups, I just want a dog that will suit our lifestyle.

I’ve reached out to Sue Kite at Klassic (thanks) As well as a few breeders closer to where we are in Annapolis MD.

I’m just glad I found this forum so I know that not all B’s have crazy separation anxiety and can be engaged enough with their owners to work with us on some obedience training 😆. THANK YOU!

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@slents said in First Time Basenji Owner! Hello from Connecticut!:

We have really bonded. He was 12 weeks when we got him and I have had a change to teach him to sit, stay, come and do a great deal of leash training....Mine is very quiet and he knows to sit by the sliding door when he needs to go...

@slents - hello there!

I joined this forum to learn more about B’s and the variety of their personalities. I’ve read many of the links in this and other sites and frankly the description of their behavior freaks me out. But my husband really likes the idea of one so I’m trying to educate myself.

It’s really encouraging to read that your pup is so responsive to you and well trained! Where did you get him?


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