Long time listener, first time caller

Been reading this site for a few months now while my family has been investigating bringing a dog to join our home. Research led us to an interest in basenjis, which culminated last week in a visit with a local breeder and his pack. Now we're hooked!

We are looking for an adult basenji or a mix with strong b characteristics. We hit up petfinder.com and BRAT several times a day, and have just recently started contacting breeders looking for available adults.

This site has been an enormous help even as non-owners, I can't imagine how useful it will be when we add a basenji to the family!

Welcome to the Forum, who's Basenjis did you meet?

Congrats on doing your research!!! You really need that attitude with this breed, especially when looking for a responsible breeder or adoption agency. Welcome to the forum and we can't wait to see picks of your new friend when she/he arrives!! 🙂


Welcome to the Forum, who's Basenjis did you meet?

Met with Kyle C. and the Kaleonahe pack. Seeing basenjis in person is worth a thousand internet posts.

Welcome to the forum - you seem to have taken a very good route to get your basenji. I hope you find your forever addition to your family soon.

Glad your doing your homework…we are all here to help you.

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