Long Time Listener, First Time caller

  • Just a quick hi to you folks out there, I stumbled upon the forum and have been watching interesting bits, trying to learn more about Basenjis!

    I'm from northern Ontario, canada, and have a broken 'c' key on my laptop. :rolleyes: So I have to copy-and-paste any 'c' I use, so 'canada' may sometimes be spelled all in lower-case. I'm a 21-year-old university student, a history major. My best friend and I found out about Basenjis a few months ago, and have decided that one day we would like to get to know the breed better, possibly have one of our own.

    Well, my boyfriend (Psychology major) let me know that in the near future (thinking a year, perhaps less), he would like us to have a dog. I danced around the room today, but thought that it would be good to get to know more about the breed before I pushed them onto him. Been doing lots of reading, you all have gorgeous dogs, by the way. 🙂

    Sooo… yes! That's us!

  • Houston

    Welcome Tuesday, very nice to have you onboard..as you probably know there is tons of info on here as well as pictures, stories and tidbits.

  • Many of us have websites, plus you can look at the many national kennel club sites, and BCOA to learn more and get more photos. It is great that you are looking into the breed well before getting one as they are quite different than many other dogs. There are also several others from canada, even in your area probably, that are on here as well.

    Welcome to the forum, and I hope you are able to learn all you can and make the right decision for a dog. Even if you don't end up getting a basenji, there is also a lot of general dog owner information on this site for you.

  • I've never welcomed a Tuesday on a Saturday. You'll find loads of info here and any questions just ask and we'll try our best to answer.

  • Welcome. Life is fun and they are a great little dog to have.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome! Being owned by basenjis is a way of life, thoroughly enjoyed by those who are proud when their dog outsmarts them. A sense of humor is a huge requirement, as well as minimal attachment to material possessions (if your basenji is a chewer). But living with them is pure joy! Good luck with your boyfriend, have him meet one or more in person if possible, they have a way of stealing hearts.

  • Welcome to the forum:)

  • Hello and welcome to the forum:D

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