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Thank you so much for your advice and sharing your experience. I would definitely love for Roxy to be free while I am home but having a 2 and 4 year old at home, it is impossible for me to only watch Roxy all of the time to prevent accidents. So I will crate train her for now. Thanks again for your help:)

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Here is our situation. We got Roxy when she was 8 weeks. She already had her first set of shots. I took a bit longer than I planned to get her 2nd set of shots (at 12 weeks) when she contracted Parvo (shame on me!! I know 😞 )(she must have gotten it from taking her on walks around our neighborhood). It has been one week since she came home from the pet hosp. and has been back to her normal self since she came home. (Thank goodness) Anyway, before she got sick, we were able to get her to pee and poop mostly outside by going through the doggie door and we were able to confine her to the kitchen area with child gates when she was not sleeping in her crate. Now that she has to remain indoors until her shots are complete, she is going ballistic!!!! (and so am I) She can easily get over the gates and hates her crate since she came home from the hosp. and she has no use for relieving herself on the pads no matter how much I praise her. She is probably confused. I think she has separation anxiety because she poops and pees numerous times only when I am gone (has never pooped that much when I am home with her all day). At this point I pretty much have to start over with the crate and potty training. What do you do with your B throughout the day and when you have to leave? Large kennel outside? How large of an area outside would she need? Kennel inside? Can a basenji ever be trusted inside the house alone? Will she EVER calm down on her chewing? I love this puppy very much and is definitely a handfull! Any clues to how long this "challenging puppy stage" will last until I can relax and enjoy her? What keeps me going is that I know this awful stage will not last forever..or will it? Please help? Again, sorry this is so long.

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Do any of your dogs climb over the child gates and exercise pens that are supposed to keep them contained? I figured she would try to push them over but not climb them and get over!

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Hello. We got our basenji about 6 weeks ago and her name is Roxy 🙂 She is now 13 weeks old. It's nice to have a place to chat with other basenji owners since no one I know has any idea of what a basenji is. 🙂

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