• Hello. We got our basenji about 6 weeks ago and her name is Roxy 🙂 She is now 13 weeks old. It's nice to have a place to chat with other basenji owners since no one I know has any idea of what a basenji is. 🙂

  • Welcome to this great forum, roxysmom. I can relate with you as I am a 1st time basenji owner and no friends who have or heard of Basenji either. You'd have to read my intro for my story. But I have learned so much here. Duke is about 10 mos old now. Best wishes with your 1st steps in training Roxy. A big bottle of Nature's Miracle will help you. 🙂

  • Welcome to Basenjiland 101. This forum covers it all and I wish I had known more when I first took on a Basenji. I'm thankful it is here now and love learning. Congrats on your new addition and I'm sure you will have some funny stories to share..Basenjis are as comical as they are challenging!

  • Welcome to our basenji haven. I too got a basenji/mix without knowing anything about the breed. Thanks to the wonderful folks on this forum, I am learning and have a wealth of knowledge from which to draw, thanks to all the experienced basenji owners here at the forum.

  • Welcome, this forum is lots of fun and GREAT information about Basenjis, of course!

  • Welcome, great dogs, great people, great information….great fun.:)

    Post some pics when you can;)

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