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@brindledogs Near Austin , Texas..... They had at least 10 different litters, however, the place was exceptionally clean.

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When I said bite, I didn't necessarily mean bite with the intent to hurt. The little guy plays and tries to "play bite" us, the sofa, the pillows, the chair, and everything in between. He has lots of toys and chews. He basically attempts to go wild for about an hour around 5 pm ish. Then settles down and is done for the day; one last hurrah before bed. I don't want to kennel him at that time, because obviously, he needs to get it out of his system.

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Benji (aka..Taz) is unlike any breed of dog I've ever owned. He's 5 months old and this is my first time to be exposed to the breed. He is a not a morning dog and prefers to sleep until 9 or 10 am. He's manageable throughout the day and we have a lot of property for him to run and play. Around 5 pm every evening, he goes into "Taz" mode and bites anything he see's, he literally is like a wild animal running around. I've tried walking him around this time to help him get out the energy but it seems to increase the wildness. (Of course, this is about the time I need to be getting supper ready). I give him an inch; he wants a mile! I've even allow him time to play with our neighbors dog "to get it out" but he still takes a long time to settle down afterwards. By 8:00 pm, he settles down is sleeps throughout the night. CRAZY, but I love him.

Is this typically for the breed?
Will he out grow this?
Any suggestions?

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Benji the Basenji
AKA TAZ...... From Lake Charles, LA.
5 months old and loves life.

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