Benji the Basenji


Benji the Basenji
AKA TAZ...... From Lake Charles, LA.
5 months old and loves life.

Benji is ADORABLE! Welcome to the Forum. 🐾🐕

They do love to relax in the most awkward positions! Very cute!

What breeder did you get him? My breeder had a red b and it was getting named benji

And he/she would be about 5 months

@cwalker said in Benji the Basenji:

Benji the Basenji

Has anyone steered you towards @Zande yet? She has a Basenji genealogy project that's she's spent a lifetime(?) working on. Please make sure Benji is included!

@brindledogs Near Austin , Texas..... They had at least 10 different litters, however, the place was exceptionally clean.

@elbrant Thanks for the plug !

Yes indeed, please make sure Benji is in the database - you can check it from my signature block.
But ten litters ??? Wow ! I know of one breeder last winter who had nine, but that wasn't in the US.

What is the parentage of this cute boy ?

Hello and welcome, as noted many of us are related by our Basenjis... please share his sire an dam with us. Also, I assume that he was DNA tested for Fanconi and PRA or his sire and dam were? You can check that out for yourself at as these test results are made public. I always recommend that people check out health testing on their own and I encourage any of possible puppy buyers when we breed to do the research themselves... even on my litters. Here is a link of one of mine and what it looks like on It is important that testing is done as over this many years Fanconi has been reduced by responsible breeders testing before breeding. It is important to know the health of the pup and/or their sire/dam

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@tanza said in Benji the Basenji:

It is important to know the health of the pup and/or their sire/dam

Well said ! It may not seem important now - you can say you will never show or need to register your Basenji - but in a few year's time you may find you wish you had known the health test results of the parents.

By constant checking and careful breeding, many lines have obviated the most devastating scourges, but they are still around.

Better to know for sure if your puppy is tested and imperative to make certain his or her parents were.

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