• Greetings, New to this forum, my wife , myself , and our four year old Basenji live on Cat Island in the Bahamas. We have had our dog Benni Babu since he was a puppy. He is a brindle and white boy who was fixed as a puppy. Benni has been the dog of a lifetime for us. Having owned many dogs we are now dedicated Basenji people. We hope someone can help us Benni was socialized at our resort from puppyhood, he learned to love and sniff any and all humans. He never met another cannine he did not like. We always let him have the run of the beach and grounds never a thought that he would bother any one. The last couple of weeks he is showing some disturbing behavior. He will growl at some people who go to pet him, he will get his hair up at people, today he even snapped at a guest. This has never happened. So we are concerned any suggestions would be nice. Thank You all and hope to hear from you soon.

  • Welcome to the forum.

    My first thought when I hear a dog has had a sudden change in behavior is, has he had a check up recently? If your dog is in pain or discomfort that would explain his unwillingness to be touched.

  • I would have his thyroid checked ASAP. Have a vet run a full panel.

  • Thanks so much for the response which pretty much allies with our thinking. Trips to the vet for us involve small airplanes, custums officials, and city life all very anti- Basenji at least this one. He was checked about nine months ago, do you know of any other symptamatic behavior or signs to watch for? Meanwhile I will call the vet and begin preparing for the trip . Thanks again for responding on a Holiday.

  • Remember however for a full thyroid panel usually isn't done at places that do bloodwork… and also what a Vet would call "low normal" for most dogs, for a Basenji it is Too Low...

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